Riccardo Vieri is a senior executive leader with over twenty years of diverse corporate and technological experience both domestically and internationally. He is a thoughtful inventor, mentor, coach and experienced manager with a history of developing exceptionally successful teams


His background includes serving as Europartners CEO, Mega Corporation Vice President, Interdigital Inventorship program and he is member of private companies at various stages of their growth and development. Mr. Vieri is skilled at managing complex and dynamic marketing and business challenges, as well as crafting sales development and corporate growth strategies, leading unified execution for sustained innovation and growth building and managing operations.

He has successfully negotiated agreements, joint ventures, and transactions in countries around the world.


In 2010 Mr Vieri was the only indipendent inventor at Ocean Tomo's patent auction hold in London

In 2010 Mr Vieri inventions were assigned to a Top global Fortune company;

In 2014 Mr Vieri got allowed other patents portfolio in mobile advertising.

In 2015, Mr. Vieri was recruited by Interdigital to run a innovation program in mobile advertising.

In 2016 Mr Vieri created a powerful sales structure in Europe for Sisel International one leading company in neutraceutical products.

Mr. Vieri's skill includes public speaking, strategic marketing, with first class research and innovation capabilities. .

In 2017 Mr Vieri is working around blockchain projects.



I have been working since several years in new technologies and direct selling industry. Recently i decided to keep attention on blockchain technology and future developments

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    February 23, 2017
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    February 23, 2016
    Recently i have been working on these projects i personally invented: “Systems, methods, and/or techniques for providing a digital coupon may be disclosed. For example, a […]
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    February 22, 2016
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i've been inventing mainly in these 3 main areas: telecommunication, mobile contextual advertising, digital signage advertising. I started inventing in 1998. I was the first inventing scooter air bag, alchool car satefy security, anti sleep driving glasses, and several others. Many Fortune companies took ideas from my easy approach. I am happy if i contribute to improve this world.

  • contextual advertising55%
  • telecommunication35%
  • digital signage10%


I love new challanges. his is my life

  • The power of Diatomic Hydrogen
  • krav maga
  • Athletic.
  • Radio Ham
  • Animals
  • Social Life


I have been starting copyrighting and public speaking in 1993. I have been learning much working on the filed. I am a good speaker both technically or for motivation. I ahve been attending thousands of meeting and teaching thousands of people worldwide




Hypnotic selling


Self confidence


Failing forward


  • "Riccardo never breaks down from a challange head on and never slow down. He leads by example and has all the characteristic that Top leaders need to succeed"
    AAron Rennert
    Vice President Sisel International
  • "Riccardo knows what to do. A motivator, a speaker, great ideas, creativity and talent!"
    Lorenzo Bernardi (Volleyball Player of the Century)
  • "Riccardo is a brilliant inventor with a passion for and keen understanding of business--a rare combination. We are involved in a few ventures together and I have found him to be a great business partner. He is also a good man with a good soul."
  • "Riccardo was listening to my songs and saw my films. I met him some years ago. He is a guy with great human qualities.  He' s capable of great achievements."
    Lory Bianco ( actress-singer)
  • "I met Riccardo in 1993 and was a young man. He showed immediatly great qualities in communicating. Now he is a man and has great potential. Simply brilliant!"
    George Cancelmo (Enterpreneur)


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