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February 23, 2016


I was interested in creating a venture with a new company that will bring digital services information to the attention of normal people. I was aware of new cryptocurrencies and blockchains created with Algo X11 being almost ready to go on the market. So I got approval from developers of this new cryptocurrency  to create a new community beside the coin and Starbit was ready to do this.

Centurion cryptocurrency draws lessons from Bitcoin and other altcoins to offer an efficient and easy-to-use option for the cryptocurrency community. As the Bitcoin network struggles to clear the transaction backlog while waiting for a scalability solution, Centurion can process and confirm transactions in under 6 minutes. Also, the cryptocurrency protocol has a block size of 2 MB, which is twice the Bitcoin block size.


Just like in the moern Roman saga, Centurion is the protector of children and the cryptocurrency strives to help kids worldwide through its very own charity Centurion4Children; which will receive an initial donation of 5 million Centurions.