February 23, 2017
February 22, 2016

invention digital signage advertising

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Recently i have been working on these projects I personally invented:

“Systems, methods, and/or techniques for providing a digital coupon may be disclosed. For example, a server may distribute or deliver the coupons based on data collected or gathered about a user. The server may have one or more settings that may be used to collect or gather data about the user. The server may apply those settings. The settings may include a source such as asocial network, a device, websites, an application, and/or the like that may be identified and/or may have parameters associated from which the data may be collected. The server may connect to the source based on the settings and may receive data about or for a user from the source. The server may generate a user profile and/or a score associated with the user based on the data and may send a digital coupon to the user based on the user profile and score.”

“An auctioning system and methods interacting with multiple devices are set forth that includes a main server, remote terminals, and remote individual communication devices that communicate with one another and are adapted to display information to a user about a product or service for sale, and information pertaining to predefined auction parameters for the user to attempt to purchase said product or service.”